“Finding Tate” available on Amazon and B&N!

Finding Tate cover

My middle grade novel, Finding Tate, can be ordered on Amazon and on Barnes & Noble Nook Books. For the paperback version, go to Amazon; the ebook version is available at both sites. You can sample a few pages first or just order it.

Finding Tate is about two friends, Taylor and Carey, who want to make a change before they enter seventh grade. But both get distracted with new people and unexpected changes in their lives and their summer turns out a lot different than they were planning. But family relationships are enhanced, mysteries are resolved, and Taylor and Carey both learn a lot about themselves and about friendship.

Teachers, parents, and ‘tween’ readers are telling me this book is just right for the 10-14 year-old reader. It’s a great gift for your favorite tween friend or relative! Let me know what you think!




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